This is my first post to the DIA blog. The first of many.

I was motivated to start this blog after I began to see that the legislation that so many fought for, is being compromised. This is something that should be taken very seriously. Many times, this is how it starts:

Legislation is put in place to either protect us or give us more freedom or both. In the case of the American’s with Disabilities Act, it was very carefully constructed to protect the rights of people with disabilities and also to allow people with disabilities the freedom to go where they need to go. Places that people without physical disabilities take for granted. There are any number of examples here.

As I write this, House bill 620 has passed. According to it’s supporters “to stop frivolous lawsuits”. How about, it’s a bill that will allow business owners to drag their feet in making a place accessible, until no one wants to fight them anymore.

The ADA as it was written and approved, already addressed and prevented this issue.

And then, so very quietly, people with other interests pertaining to their “bottom line” have begun chipping away at the ADA. Did you know? Get educated. It could effect you. Sooner than you think.