The Center provides frequent recreational opportunities to meet new people, expand social skills, self-confidence and community awareness. Movie Time, Arts & Crafts, Bingo Night, Deaf Socials, and Field Trips provide opportunities to socialize with friends and just have fun.


Computer Lab/Internet
DIA maintains a user-friendly computer lab with several work stations available to individuals who wish to improve their keyboard skills or brush up on their computer knowledge. Many consumers use our lab as part of job readiness training and to learn about the latest in software technology. With assistance from staff, consumers may use the Internet for job-related research, developing a job resume, or learning how to access on-line employment applications.


Video Relay Service/Videophone
Through a high-speed internet connection, deaf and hard of hearing individuals using a computer place VRS calls that are routed to a VRS interpreting center. The caller is connected to an interpreter, fluent in ASL and English, who appears on the device. The deaf caller signs to the interpreter, who then calls the hearing user via a standard phone line and relays the conversation between the two parties.