LeAnn Mathiews
Mobility Manager

It took LeAnn a few years to make her way into a career in the helping services. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communications in 2002 from Angelo State University. The next 15 years would take her on a winding road of jobs where she learned a little bit about a lot of things.
It wasn’t until she worked at a rural Health and Human Services in Breckenridge, TX that she would settle into a career. After taking a few years off to care for her elderly mom, LeAnn began working again as an Independent Living Specialist at Disability In Action. It’s a position that finally brings her joy of helping others in a true time of need. Whether it’s providing transportation assistance, advocating for accessible environments, or offering emotional support, she works to empower individuals with disabilities to live a fulfilling life on their terms, in their own community.
LeAnn connects individuals in the community with resources such as food banks, access to applying for affordable housing and job training programs. She enjoys being part of a team that offers a lifeline to financial stability and self-sufficiency here in Abilene.