Jeremy Bara
Independent Living Specialist

Jeremy is an Abilene local and disabled Army veteran who has worked in the mental health field for over 5 years. He began his career in social services in April of 2017 at the Local Mental Health Authority in Abilene. Jeremy is passionate about helping others by utilizing transparency and mutuality in his daily work while offering hope through sharing lived experience with the clients he meets. Jeremy possesses a Peer Specialist Certification, Associate of Arts degree, and a black belt in mixed martial arts. He hopes to increase his knowledge and skills in case management with Disability in Action before completing his degree in Rehabilitation Services at the University of North Texas.
“When I began this line of work, it certainly validated everything positive or negative that I experienced in my life thus far, I have come to appreciate how my past experiences are valuable to organizations like Disability in Action, because now I have the unique opportunity to use them to help others.” – Jeremy A. Bara
During office hours, Jeremy is an Independent Living Specialist who is also responsible for housing referrals, relocation follow-ups, facilitating peer support groups, and producing our monthly event calendar. When Jeremy is not working, he enjoys his free time by visiting national and state parks, foraging for wild useful or edible flora, tabletop gaming, cooking, and spending time with his two Boston Terriers; Molly & Louie.