Peer Assistance Leadership Program

The PAL program is one of the many programs offered here at Disability in Action to assist the disability community. The PAL program is designed to assist the disabled persons aged sixteen (16) and up that reside in a state supported living facility, ICF facility, HCS facility or a nursing home.

The PAL program is a peer mentoring 101 training where a person with a developmental disability has been taught through module training life learning techniques, problem solving strategies, self-advocacy and how to live a self-determined life and how to access services and resources in the community.

Once they have gone through the training and show the potential to share this information with others, they graduate and become peer mentors and are then able to go with the staff from Disability in Action to teach other people with developmental disabilities. While in training, they are paid ten dollars an hour, and will continue to be paid the same when they become teaching peer mentors.  The peer mentors must attend at least three PAC meetings in the fiscal year and continue to stay informed of any new materials that may be added to their curriculum per the Disability in Action staff.

All is not work, fun activities are offered such as arts & crafts, movies, special holiday events, dances, outside activities and special meals.

If interested or know of someone that this program may benefit, please contact Cassandra Mallard @
[email protected]